Grateful for my health

As I am writing this post, I am technically sick. I got some kind of flu from two of my co-workers (Thanks guys!!). Yet I refuse to feel sick; I have lots of work to get done and frankly I don’t like the yucky feelingof being sick!

I rested a bit by staying home instead of dragging myself to the office with a fever, massive headache, aching throat and sensitive stomach. I’m getting work done at home… Giving my body a well deserved rest is also productive. I feel much better now though after a good night sleep and believe it or not, I owe this quick recovery to TheNewHappyMe!

Pffft! hokus-pokus bogus stuff!! I hear that sometimes… It’s all in my head they say!
Actually it is!! ;)
The particular ingredient of TheNewHappyMe I am talking about is called Gratitude.

I am grateful to have good health
and to be able to fight the bug that tried to mess with my system.

What things are you grateful for? If you think of 10 things you are grateful for to write in your Journal, what would these be? How do you think this Gratitude could help you in your upcoming endeavours or challenges? And vice-versa, looking at your challenges, what do you already possess that will help you overcome these challenges and reach your goals. These are definitely things to be grateful for!! Take your Journal now and write your list. You’ll be happy to see all the things that are already available to you and that you are thankful for! What a way to start your day!! :)


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