Goals for Today and Goals for Life

I am an advocate of setting goals, but I have my own work to do in doing it right. I’ve learned many techniques from the professionals and although they all seem great and tremendously powerful in their achievement of success, actually doing it is a far fetch from reading about how to do it. It ain’t easy to say the least!

So I invite all of my readers to participate in an exercise with me starting today! Let’s try something and discuss the results. It can only bring good things (or nothing at all, at least we know it won’t have negative effects…).  This is of course an oversimplification of goal setting but it’s a start. I want to create a habit of working on goals at least 10 minutes a day.

So let’s set a time of day to do this,  find a little booklet, create a quiet spot for ourselves and write down the 3 goals we want to reach by the end of the month. You want to write down realistic goals that you can break down to easy weekly and daily steps. Remember that these are NOT the BIG life goals (post to come about that). These are simple monthly goals, things that we have to do, but never get around to doing. Here are some examples:

1) paint my bedroom,

2) clean my den,

3) read the book my boss recommended.

Now suppose I have 2 weeks to complete these.  Is this realistic? Maybe… The end of month review will allow me to evaluate. Next step: Break down to weekly/daily goals.

For example 1) – choose colour (considering no furniture changes required), get paint swatches from local hardware store, check them out on the bedroom wall, purchase paint, tools and supplies, schedule painting day, paint. (this is supposing you are doing it yourself)

Same applies for the other goals, setting time for each, structuring the timeline for each step as applicable and actually doing it. Each individual small goal should find its home on the calendar and should be completed as indicated. At the end of the month, it is time to review progress. If all items are completed, imagine the joy!!! You’ve reached your monthly goal!! If they are not, this is the time to evaluate your choice of tasks and timeframe, if you were realistic in your goal setting, if you simply need an extra week to complete or if you should break down the goals further to give yourself a better chance.

DO NOT FORGET: no matter what the results, the experience has a tremendous learning potential, so you’re always ahead of the game when you do this. Taking a step back to evaluate and continue working on reaching your goals will only have positive results!

I will start writing my goals today and completing them daily myself. I will keep you posted. Please send me your comments especially if you decide to join in on the exercise. I want to hear about how you are doing. If you prefer to write anonymously by email, go to my contact page. I will be happy to get your messages in either form!


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