Giving back: a strong value in business

In my line of work, I have the good fortune to work with some lovely people. These are individuals who have employment or their own businesses, CEOs of big companies, stay at home moms or retirees, who are all involved in the community in some capacity or another.

My utmost respect goes out to the special volunteers who, deep inside, have a big heart of gold.

Knowing that giving back to the community is an important value, these people find ways and the time in their busy schedules, to help local charities. Their contribution always demonstrates gratitude for their own life and a desire to help others in need. They see how every little bit can make a difference for a child, a family, a person who is ill or living through difficulties.

Devotion, passion, drive and a smile. A positive attitude of commitment is what I see when I meet with executive committees hard at work, busy organizing special events. Hats off to these amazing men and women.

These volunteers are giving back to their community. Such a strong value in business. A way to share your wealth, your good fortune, your knowledge, your love, your time. It isn’t about money, although it can be a way to give back. It’s about offering to others the support they need to find their own happiness. It isn’t about giving it all and being left with nothing either. It is all about sharing.

When you meet an individual with such a heart of gold, you know and you can trust that partners will be treated with respect and fairness. You will feel more than comfortable in your relationship with this person and the establishment. You will be more than inclined to pursue this relationship.  In business, giving back demonstrates a value like no other, one that clients will recognize and encourage.

I salute the hearts of gold of this world and I thank them for making it a better and happier place.


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