Give yourself a pat on the shoulder!

Do you sometimes feel like you need a pat on the shoulder and for whatever reason, you don’t get one? You don’t want to publicize your good deed, but you may still need the acknowledgement as a motivator perhaps.  This is perfectly normal. You shouldn’t feel alone in this. We all go through this once in a while!

Although I think you shouldn’t be shy to mention it to the person you would like the acknowledgement from, sometimes this isn’t possible. What you are looking for is some encouragement. A nice comment from someone would feel so good! You would feel proud and be motivated to repeat the experience.

What if I tell you that you can easily recreate that feeling of pride and contentment on your own… You don’t need encouragement from someone else when you have your Journal!

I am a big believer that happiness starts within. This is just as true when you are looking for acknowledgement and motivation. You don’t need someone to tell you that you did well. You know it!

Your Journal will help you solidify this feeling!  

Write and draw. Express to yourself how proud you are of your accomplishment!

Write about how happy you are, how this motivates you to do more, how you see yourself smiling with pride.  You deserve a wonderful pat on the shoulder! Give yourself the thumbs up! (Draw it on the left side!!) 

Whether you decide to ask for acknowledgement or not, whether it comes to you at a later date or not, it becomes almost irrelevant when you draw your strength and motivation from within. Your Journal will help you do this.

Do not underestimate this tool. Finding contentment from within yourself is extremely powerful. Using the Journal to do this is an amazing method to help yourself reach this ultimate state of well-being. Not needing outside sources for your own happiness is truly the cherry on the Sundae!


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