Getting ready for the New Year

After Christmas comes Boxing Day…¬†Excitement still running high along with cholesterol levels, alcohol intake and credit card statements perhaps?? LOL

Still eating? Still partying? Still spending? Time to stop. Take a step back to see what part of the Holidays is most important for you and how you can bring quality back into this special season.

One expression that comes to mind is CLEANING UP. That seems to be my theme this time of year, every year, whether I like it or not. The Universe has been sending me this message for some time and I just recently started listening.

Cleaning up means several things for me:

  • Not starting anything that I know to be bad for me, such as excessive drinking, eating, smoking, getting into a bad relationship when I’ve seen the red flags.
  • If I’ve gotten myself into anything I know to be unhealthy for me, work on a solution to clean my act, detox the system to start fresh.
  • Getting rid of any clutter in my mind and in my physical environment that may be weighing me down.
  • Keep my environment clean by not bringing in new clutter (which is always tough on Boxing day!)
  • Getting organized to make space for the things and people in my life I consider to be very important.

I am glad this expression has come back to me this year. It allows me to see how crucial it is to starting a New Year on the right foot! How are some of the ways you can Clean Up to get ready for the New Year? We’ll look further into this theme this week.



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