Getting excited about the Journey

Sunday before Canadian Thanksgiving… a lot to be thankful about. We don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving Day of course to show appreciation for all the things we already have in our lives.

What brings me to this theme this week is a conversation I had with my coach about celebrating success along my Path.

I have a tendency of always pushing for more, which is a good thing, to some degree. I work hard, I commit to my goal and I have tremendous discipline helping me in my achievements. After each success, I feel it isn’t enough yet and I strive for more. That’s one of the issues I’ve been working on lately. That’s why rest has become a big theme in my life these days.

I have recently acknowledged the fact that I need to take the time to appreciate my Journey, to smell the roses as they say, to be grateful for the opportunity to celebrate my achievements, big or small. That’s what I want to take the time to address this week.

I encourage you to participate in the discussions, though comments, Ask Carmen, facebook fan page or email! Your input will help me, you and many other readers out there. Let’s all celebrate our successes together and show appreciation for our Journey!



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