From Wishbone to Backbone…

Today I present to you a wonderful friend and Coach – Kimberley Schulte.

She had an amazing message for all her friends yesterday, so I asked her if I could share it with you.
She asks a powerful question: “Do you wish you had what others have?”

Be honest!!

Here is the short video with the question and Kimberley’s suggestions
(click here to view it on her facebook post).


Stop wishing and move into action.

Do you feel an intense nudge? GOOD!
Kimberley is being very nice on her video! I’ll be tougher on you!!
I want you to feel the suggestion in your core so that you may understand its power.

I have seen Kimberley move mountains on her projects as she moved from Wishbone to Backbone. I did it too, and so can you! As Coaches, we are both telling you - you can and deserve to move forward on your Path. So move from wish to action. We can help you!

Start by making that decision for yourself! Make it your 2012 Resolution!


Kimberly Schulte is a yoga instructor. She is passionate about yoga and inspiring her practitioners to “take it off the mat” to incorporate yoga practices into daily life. She looks forward to sharing the gifts of Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga with you through her online yoga videos coming out in 2012. for more info and a free offer!

Kimberley’s vision and message is that yoga can be a beautiful and transformative experience on multiple levels to include physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, meditative, and overall well-being.  Join her Facebook Fan Page at to get inspired by her wonderful energy!


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