From Idea to Decision to Commitment.

You’d think I’m talking about getting engaged or something… It would be a good comparison actually. The message I want to bring to you today is actually about any Idea that you may come up with for the improvement of your life, in any way, shape or form.

Your Idea may have come up in a any of a variety of ways. You may have heard a speaker say something that resonated with you, the Idea may have come up through a discussion with a Friend, it may have come to your attention through research or you may have had it in mind for the longest time from a childhood dream. No matter where it came from, this Idea is important to you because you believe it has the potential of making you Happy.

I want to make something clear here. This does not mean that you are not happy now or that you are being ungrateful. The Path to Happiness is a constant Journey to learn and grow and that means you will strive for constant improvement. Some periods may be filled with challenges you will tackle back to back, and other times will be more laid back as you enjoy the benefits of your last personal investment in energy and effort.

What if you are unhappy right now? What if you are barely keeping afloat? You are not alone. Know that the fact alone that you realize this is already a huge step to improving your life. With Gratitude for this realization, your Idea will also help you increase the positive vibes associated with the upcoming improvements on your path. Let yourself get excited about the opportunity. You will have to work hard but it will be worth it.

You will move from Idea to Decision to firm Commitment.

Your Decision will definitely NOT be based on a coin flip! You have to be completely clear on your Idea and focused on your Decision to move towards the future you envision for yourself. You will first decide if this Idea is the right one and if it comes at the right time for you. You will decide to DO or DO NOT go ahead with it. To DO will mean excitement and will require your full attention.

For this reason, like I have suggested in TheNewHappyMe HappyGuide I offer to all my subscribers, I am a firm believer in Commitment. You must commit to DO. This means working hard towards your Goal, accepting that there will be moments more difficult than others, realizing that you deserve the outcome you have seen for yourself and knowing that you need to do this because nobody else will do it for you.

Do you have an Idea that you need to follow up on today?

What will be your Decision? To DO or Do Not go ahead with the Idea?

Then what? Commitment! Yes… I DO “till death do us part”.



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