Friendships and the winds of change

I follow Mike Klingler on facebook. He is an author and motivational speaker who really makes you think, who offers new perspective on personal growth and adds insight to our common self-improvement realizations. He knows some people won’t like his “in your face” suggestions and that’s why I love him! With over thirty one thousand “likes” on his page, I assume he is well respected…

Here is a quote from one of his last posts on facebook:
“For those of you shifting into a new and deliberately different kind of “space” internally, so to attract a different life circumstance externally–you likely feel a sense of loneliness as your old ‘relationships’ no longer resonate with you.  If you are experiencing this, be patient as new relationships that very much DO resonate with your new mindset arrive… supporting you, feeding you… giving you energy.”

I find this statement so à propos in our theme of Friendships, especially following the last post on calling it quits with Friends who are detrimental to our Path to Happiness.

As you work on your Journey of self-discovery and of finding your inner smile, you undergo a transformation. Your attitude will change, your views will change, your actions and reactions will change. Your relationships may also have to change.

As soon as Mike posted his suggestion, I commented back – Thank you Mike, it is so encouraging to read that at this time in my life.

His answer – Just becoming aware of this, and reminding yourself that this is part of the change you are deliberately creating will ease the temporary sense of perceived loss.

The word loss hit me. Loss of Friendships. Loss of the familiarity of it all. Pain. Resisting the detachment. Feeling the resistance from the other end as well. But I know I have to complete my transformation. This is my Path to Happiness.

The winds of change… New Friends. Incredible support. A whole new world waiting for me, welcoming me with open arms. This is what gives me energy on TheNewHappyMe Journey.

Mike’s reply – Great self awareness Carmen!

I am honored! Thanks Mike!

And thank you to all my Friends!






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4 Responses to “Friendships and the winds of change”

  1. Sa says:

    Hey there
    I really appreciate Mike’s words – so profound – and so true.
    Yes, we resist change, yet change is good and keeps us flexible. It stops judgemental attitudes in their tracks and teaches us to appreciate everything in our lives, everything that is around us, and everything that we have. Circumstances can change in a flash, turn you upside down, and tear you apart. Yet as you embrace each obstacle, you find a new depth to life and a new reason to live.
    I believe that change helps to teach us how to give OF ourselves instead of focusing ON ourselves.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      and sometimes, as Mike mentions, we need to make changes in our lives but resist the loss of Friendships on our tracks. But sometimes we do have to let go because these Friendships are not the right ones for us. Letting go could open the doors to so many wonderful things out there for us including amazing new Friendships!

  2. jeannedowell says:

    Hi Carmen! I just returned from a Buddhist and Yoga retreat and someone asked “What is Buddhism” and the answer given was “everything changes, everything is connected, pay attention.” Thanks for sharing of yourself the way you do. jeanne

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Thank you Jeanne! I love that expression: Everything changes, everything is connected, pay attention.
      It summarizes so much in a just a few words…. change, purpose, opportunities, words that have been spinning in my head for some time…

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