Friends: When it is time to call it quits

One of my friends put this quote on facebook. I knew the moment I read it that its punchy expression would fit well with my message.

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounding yourself with a**holes” - William Gibson, American-Canadian writer.

Isn’t the quote totally to the point??

Sometimes, our Friends, our circle of Friends or just one particular Friend, may be the cause of conflict within ourselves. Does reading this sting? Might this be an issue on your path?

If you are going through difficult times, if you feel down, sad, upset, frustrated or angry about a situation and you feel misunderstood, you may need to take a look at your relationships with Friends… do you feel support and affection from them, or do your interactions with them (some of them or one of them specifically) leave you feeling not quite right?

Does the following speak to you? -  I value Friendship so much, I acknowledge the fact that I will resist calling it quits. If I notice that my Friendship with a person is starting to cause me harm, I first try to salvage the relationship. I analyze, discuss, take some distance, try again… I realize I may actually be putting the Friendship above me and my needs. I know I need to better assess the negative affect this relationship has on me. – You are not alone.

Unfortunately, not all Friends are good Friends. Some are major takers, not givers (in any shape or form). Some are total leeches, some are abusers. Some will live a life that isn’t the right one for you and their influence will be very unhealthy as a result. Only you can determine this. On the outside, most of these Friends may seem so nice and caring but your interactions with them, especially over time, will show a different picture. If you haven’t noticed this yourself, other Friends will raise the Red Flags for you. Listen to the messages.

While creating your statement of positives and negatives in your life, you will notice which elements are draining you of your energy and only you will be able to link these to your relationships if these are indeed the cause of dissatifaction in your life. There is work involved! (Take out your Journal!!)

Realizing where your inner conflict and unhappiness stem from is the primary step to improvement. Next comes the dettachment. It may or may not be easy. Each Friendship is different. Keep in mind that calling it quits in such a case is tremendously  important on your path to Happiness. Balancing your Statement depends on this. It will take a lot of work, it will be painful but you will feel better once it’s done. Know that you deserve to be happy!


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