Follow the Yellow Brick Road

After all the digging, analyzing, getting angry, frustrated, sad or despaired, it felt good to take a break and give myself a chance to re-energize. If you have been reading regularly, did you feel a similar relief? Learning from experiences and growing is a lot of work!  But wait, this is just the beginning. We haven’t gotten to the exciting part yet!

What comes next is the Yellow Brick Road!
We are now at the beginning. The present. The starting point.

We learned a lot of things about ourselves, we wrote and thought and wrote some more. We discovered feelings buried deep down that have been preventing us from moving forward. Now that we know where we stand (right there at the starting point!) we can look around and see what direction we want to follow. It looks like a swirl at first, but you will notice, it is offering us the world!

Your starting point is in the middle of 360 degrees of options. Look around… you have so many ideas ready to bring choices to your path.  The Yellow Brick Road will end up being the combination of all the decisions you will make, creating each and every one of your steps moving forward.

As you set off on this path, you will create momentum and get motivated by the acceleration you will enjoy on the smooth straight road. You will encounter friends on the way, milestones to surmount and challenges to proudly overcome.  Some days may be slower and others will be reserved for some rest. It will become your field-trip.

At the end of the road is your Emerald City! The place where you will receive what you have been striving for. BUT is Emerald City really what it says it is? Will you not reap tremendous benefits from the treasures you will have collected along the way… Each lesson and opportunity of growth offered to you along the Yellow Brick Road is a diamond in the rough.  The path has way more value than the final destination!

Emerald City is simply your goal. One of many. You will have plenty of Yellow Brick Roads to follow in your life and a variety of Emerald Cities to travel to.  Learn from your first field-trip and have fun! The next one will be an even greater adventure! And don’t forget, there will always be plenty of diamonds to collect along the way!



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