The Focal Smile of The New Happy Me

Writing in, as some of my readers already know, has become the ultimate journey in self-discovery for me.  I  feel energized, encouraged, happy and content.


It might be an awkward combination of words to use, but it really is a Focal Smile. I would have liked to call it an Inner Smile but that is already the name of a Taoist meditation where you smile from the outside in, energizing all the cells in your body. That, of course, has its merits, but my smile is the opposite.

My Focal Smile feels like something within me is opening up and smiling, revealing my true self to the world with open wings. If you can picture it, it looks like a huge smile from the belly button out and spread wide. It feels amazing!!  It stems from my innermost happiness and spreads to the rest of my body and soul.  It has a focal point within me, where I have found my happiness begins, hence its name: The Focal Smile.

I will use this term often, the FOCAL SMILE, as I find it honnestly best describes the outcome of TheNewHappyMe path. My goal is to help my readers feel a Focal Smile and be able to experience it daily through their journey. 

Having discussed Vision Boards at length, I will now move on to Journal Writing as the natural flow following our work on visualizing our goals.  Words will complement images and will help us move deeper within, to the source of the Focal Smile we want to experience.


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