Five secret ingredients also good for day to day

Through TheNewHappyMe, I have thought and written about goals, milestones, dealing with challenges and working towards my Life Dream. I have learned a lot with this experience and discussions with friends have been very interesting. I consider working towards achievements an important part of life and a way to learn, grow and find more happiness, even if my current situation provides me with lots to be grateful about. I think many of my readers will agree with this.

The latest series of articles dealt with the secret ingredients to live your Life Dream: Commitment, Passion, Integrity, Discipline and Hard Work. I loved writing about these topics because I realized how true and real they are to me, in my everyday life.

TheNewHappyMeIn reality, these are far more than ingredients to a formula for the huge success people look for. They are the same ingredients I use to live a happy life as I advance through life, with all the ordinary and not so ordinary things that cross my path.

These ingredients don’t only apply to big goals and Life Dreams. They also come in quite handy day to day, in the baby step achievements that will combine to take you where you want to be , learning and growing.

These articles span over the last 5 weeks. If you have missed them, I invite you to take the time and check them out. There is a lot of information in there, some thought provoking stories and questions plus, I think, I lot to get inspired by!

Let me know what you think, how valuable these posts have been for you; in comments below, as a post on the Facebook fanpage or a private email! Your input will mean so much to me!



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