First Day of 2012


This first day of 2012, I have decided

that it will be the year of TAKING ACTION!

I have been seeing too many of you paralyzed in fear. – **Don’t, you might fall, the risk is too high, have you thought about it? What if this, what if that? I am comfortable here, I don’t want to disturb the status quo…

I have been seeing too many of you dreaming of a better, happier and healthier life… without any ACTION whatsoever! What’s up with that??? Are you THAT comfortable that you don’t feel the need or desire to move?

Thinking about it doesn’t cut it. “You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.” (Quote by an author unknown, but a good one to share).

I am amazed at how much I completed! EVERYTHING!

This was my 2011 Vision Board.

So for readers who are ready to take ACTION, even if that means BABY STEPS to move forward towards a better, happier and healthier life, JOIN ME on TheNewHappyMe adventure!


Start by something fun: Create yor Vision Board. I am working on mine right now and helping a friend of mine organize his thoughts to see where he wants 2012 to lead him! Need some help? Go to the Vision Boards Guide for articles and/or learn to hold you own (solo or grand) Vision Board Party with the Activity eBook (at much less than half the price I should be selling it at!!) available at the bottom of the same page or on the Presentation Page.

Remember that I am still here to support you on this Journey too! I can help by guiding you on the creation of your Vision Board and I will definitely follow up to make sure you continue to TAKE ACTION once it is done!



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2 Responses to “First Day of 2012”

  1. abbey awaye says:

    Hi. Am so happy with this article babe cus U̶̲̥̅̊ hav write about wht i hav in M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ mind this 2012 that i need take action step & even with baby step but am kind of havn fear & also hav Ω̴̩̩̩̥o idea of what & whr to start. Please M̶̲̥̅ﻉ friend. Happy new year. Lol

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Whether you create a whole big vision board or you take a sheet of paper and you draw out some images and words that express what you want to do with your life, both are ways that will allow you to make your desires be REAL for you as you express them. This is a very intimate process, you need to dig deept to see what you want without any fears getting in the way. If you had all the tools, knowledge and support, what steps would you be taking this year?

      Now, once that is done, you move on to each item and see what is the first baby step you need to take forward? What fear does that baby step bring? Is it reasonable to be afraid or can you muster up enough trust in yourself to take that first step? After the first step, the second one becomes easier, third one even better and so one, always one baby step at a time. And soon you see yourself getting closer to your objective. Without looking at the big picture first to not get overwhelmed, take one baby step at a time. Take action!

      You can do it my friend! This year, you will be the best that you can be! The year after that, you will again be the best that you can be and it will be even better!!
      I send you love and energy!

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