Finding open doors through open pages

Enough talking about frustrations and problem solving!!! Life isn’t all about dissatisfaction and struggle to find the light at the end of the tunnel! Let’s look at something different to write about in your Journal.

On my Vision Board, as you may know, I traditionally add the image of a window. To me this represents windows of opportunity that I want to notice and take advantage of throughout the year. I am seriously considering changing that imagery though…

After writing so much about Vision Boards, I decided that I rather the concept of doors of opportunity instead. You can peak out the window and see wonderful opportunities, but it will be through the door of opportunity that you will take your crucial steps forward… See my point?

Even if you add the image of a door (of opportunity) on your Vision Board, you still have to take action. You have to give yourself a chance to notice all the doors that may be available for you to use on your path. You have to take the time to look at all the options as well as the feeling you get as you approach each door… The best place for this exercise? Your Journal!!

If you don’t know what to write yet, think of the areas of your life that you want to move forward in. Look at your Vision Board images and pick an image that speaks most to you.

Still nothing? Look at the 2 sides of the open pages of your Journal. Choose to draw an open door on the left side. What do you see through it? What comes to mind intuitively? At this stage don’t dismiss any thoughts as irrelevant or unrealistic; just draw it.

Now look at the right page. It’s ready to receive all your thoughts about what you can do, where you can go and how you can take action to move forward to reach the outcome you have pasted on your Vision Board. What you end up writing will be the description of all the doors that will offer you opportunities.  Discuss them, make a short list, write the fears you may have for each, the challenges you expect. You may actually end up writing a few pages of all this information… don’t stop until you think you poured everything out.

Don’t finish this project within a day. Take the time to leave it aside for a day or two, sleep on it, come back to 2 more open pages… take some key points to discuss with friends and family. See what they say and how you can react to their feedback in your next 2 pages… All your open pages want to offer you, are more open doors. See the power of this tool, be grateful for it and absorb every bit of information that will flow through your pen.

If you come up with one door of opportunity and you massage your potential way through it, that is perfect! If you come up with several opportunities and you decide to try for example three of them, that’s good too. Every person and every situation is different. Don’t expect to find solutions through this exercise, but know that your writing will reveal doors that have been there all along…

Here’s an example: Your outcome is to find a better job. You’ve sent out CVs through online job search sites but you haven’t found anything for over 6 months.  Where are your opportunities? What doors should you be trying? Should you be asking your friends how they suggest you find one? Should you look for online courses to upgrade your knowledge and include that on your CV? Should you refresh your look from the inside out to send a vibe of confidence that will attract better jobs? These doors have always been there… you just never saw them before you started writing…

Tell me what open doors you come up with on your open pages!


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