Finding motivation when energy levels are low…

I’m too tired to do this… I rather sleep…

Let me get some rest, I’ll watch some TV, perhaps a movie.

I’ll only play one game on the computer.
I’ll just check my page on facebook…

When energy levels are low, these words can easily come to mind. We are tempted to take a step back in our work, to stall, to put the project on the back burner, we say just for a little while. It seems like a little rest can do some good, and it can, except for the way it is used.

The best way to prevent getting to this point is proper planning. Here are some tips:

  • You are the best person to know how much you can ask of yourself before you will need a break. Why not plan your day or your week accordingly, including some time for rest as part of the routine? Schedule rest and you will get energized by the anticipation too!
  • Motivate yourself by rewarding yourself with some rest once an objective is achieved. It can be a very short term segment of the project, requiring the amount of energy you deem reasonable for you before you’ll need a break. As long as the step is taken and you are one step closer to your final goal, there is no reason to put off rest any longer.
  • Know that the steps you are taking today are for you. This is an investment for your happiness so the energy you devote to your work is never wasted. Put in that extra effort when it is needed knowing it is for a great cause! It will be easier to push yourself a little more, knowing that it’s all for you in the end.
  • If you really need a break while you are working on a project, find an activity that can be limited to a given period without taking you away from your work more than the necessary amount of time. This activity should not distract you from your work and if possible, should refuel you. Taking a break to eat a healthy snack, to take a walk outdoors, or to take a power nap, can be a great way to get back on track fast. If you feel you may spend more time resting than you want to, use a timer or an alarm. It can get annoying but at least you know it keeps you disciplined to what needs to get done.

Think of the variety of projects you may be working on, a room renovation, a school term paper, writing a novel, building a small business… while you are working on these objectives, you may still have other responsibilities such as taking care of your family and children, working for income, etc. We need to motivate ourselves to continue even when energy levels are low.

Some projects are long, some are difficult, and we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Try using these tips to see how they help find the umph for triumph!



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