Faith can move mountains

CNN World Report Oct 14 – “Pinera told Chileans in a televised address afterward. “I want to thank the families of the miners who maintained faith — this faith that ended up moving mountains.”"

Everyone I know has been pinned to CNN and various media since Tuesday, in awe at the miracle of the Chilian miners’ rescue. Comments on facebook and through worldwide reports mention prayers, God and faith. Vigils, thoughts of encouragement and combined efforts have worked together in a powerful energy of hope and salvation. 

We have indeed seen how spirituality is a tremendous part of the human experience, no matter what ideology one wants to follow. When faced with challenges, we seek help from up above, from the one we believe is source of hope. It may be God for some, identified by a different name through different beliefs or religions, or it may be the unison of souls where our thoughts are powerful enough to move mountains. There may be a variety of other theories out there but they probably all boil down to a basic concept: the power of thought, individual or group, is key to creating faith and to achieving results. The cycle then allows faith to create power. 

Why is this important for TheNewHappyMe? In our quest for happiness, we must understand and apply this principle to daily challenges. Whether we work at achieving results alone or as a group, our thoughts set the foundation of our work towards achievement. Result oriented thoughts with a clear vision of what the outcome must look like, will yield satisfactory results to say the least. Scattered thoughts mixed with fear of failure and negative emotions, in turn linked to possible bad outcomes, will likely turn unto undesirable results.  As the reports of the miners’ rescue tells us, swallowed by the depths of the Earth, the miners spoke about being 33 plus God, knowing that they would all see the light of day again.

First, they were thought to be dead, then 17 days later, they were found alive, and although they thought the rescue would have to wait until Christmas, the ordeal was over much sooner than expected. The miners faced their challenges with support of their co-workers, helpers above and source of faith within. Outside, family and friends and even strangers from around the world, kept them in their prayers, all hoping for a prompt and successful rescue. The outcome made everyone (a least a little to extremely) happy.

I think all of us, not only the miners, have emerged a little stronger from this experience.


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