Facing one challenge, taking one baby step at a time…

Today I want to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of my friend Talin Orfali. Through many challenges in her life, she has finally discovered a love for writing. TheNewHappyMe may have opened her eyes to self-growth but I am proud of Talin’s incredible movement forward, facing one challenge at a time and taking one baby step at a time to develop her life dream! As a young woman on a path of self-discovery, she is taking great pride and joy in letting others know that they can do it too!

Here is the latest challenge she faced and step she took. She created her very first vlog (video blog). It takes this first step to start the movement forward and I congratulate her for it.

What first step will you decide to take in 2012? What challenge will you plan to face as a New Year’s Resolution?  Start small and big changes will happen as a result. Trust it and believe in yourself!


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2 Responses to “Facing one challenge, taking one baby step at a time…”

  1. Talin Orfali says:

    Wow!! thank you so much for this! i appreciate it so much! I want to spread good cheer to everyone! :)

  2. I loved Talin’s sincerity . Her presentation made me feel “I too can do it!” I wish her luck in her journey and could feel her love coming thru. Thank you Talin.

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