Exercise, Fresh Air and Good Sleep

Healthy habits are a great start to feeling good. Getting sufficient exercise, especially outdoors, followed by a good night sleep will help the body regenerate itself for renewed energy and rested mind.

Today we leave our weekend retreat. We had a great time and benefitted from the perfect ingredients to a restful two days, I will be able to go back home refreshed in a few hours.

Resting isn’t all about laying back. Exercise, fresh air and good sleep are important elements in re-energizing the body and mind. Yesterday, we went out for an amazing (beginners) hike on the neighbouring hill with the children, breathing in fresh cool air, getting a great cardiac workout not to mention tremendous muscle toning walking uphill, and enjoying the beautiful view of the lake, so still it mirrored the horizon, forest and cloudy sky.

Even though the hike was not really what one would consider an intense outdoor activity, it was more than what we habitually engage in as city folks… A good night sleep topped the events of the day like a cherry on a sundae.

Sometimes, the simple things offer the best benefits.


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