Everything you need to know about Vision Boards

If you read the last 25 articles or so, you have all the information you need to create successful Vision Boards. You can even teach others to do one (or get everyone together for a party to create Vision Boards together!!).

When I set out to write everything I know about Vision Boards, I had a feeling it wouldn’t be difficult to find a topic to write about every single day, all month. I never realized though that there are so many interesting ways of using the Boards, of creating them or of sharing the experience with others. Writing the articles was truly an eye opener for me!

If you read the posts and tried working on your own Vision Board, send me your comment about your experience. I really want to know what you feel this tool has done for you already or what positive element you think it will bring to your life. 

The friends I have spoken with about my posts all believe that the benefits are worth trying it out. Comments have all been good. In fact, the topic deserves to have a category of its own, therefore I will create one so that my readers may jump directly to that section if they wish to research anything about Vision Boards. See Vision Boards under “Categories” to find all the relevant articles in TheNewHappyMe.com.

I hope the variety of articles I was able to provide has been helpful to you too! Let me know!


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