Everything starts with Baby Steps

I learned a few things yesterday on my day off. I take advantage of this post to share them with you.

I was fortunate enough to take the day for myself and to enjoy it with a very good Friend. She lives in the outskirts of the city, next to a mountainous and wooded area with trails for hiking, with the dogs. This is a perfect spot to refuel, exercise and come back with energy and clarity. Being in excellent company to boot, our chat made me realize that my thought process is on the right track. I just need to focus on solutions and concrete steps.

So what I learned is that when you have your Idea in mind, things may seem unclear at first because you may not know exactly where to start or what step to start with. Through a real story, my Friend spoke of a suggestion to a business manager, to recap on present situation and have a clear vision of the goal. That would be the very first step in figuring out the rest. That’s what I myself write about in suggesting Statements. I needed a reminder. That’s what I need to do with more focus and clarity.

It is easy to get caught up in routines and to get mixed up in all the steps that need to be taken towards the goal. But putting a timeline with points A to B, with every step in between, helps to better identify what I need to do next.

I later had a conversation with another Friend who is stuck in a serious rut. Everything seems to be a huge hurdle for her and she is in depression over her situation which keeps getting worse under her constant negativity. I understand that she is fed up with the struggles. It is difficult to get past the obstacles when they keep piling up. But I suggested the same thing: what is your Vision I said. In a very realistic way, how can you see yourself starting a better life in a month from now… what IS that better life? What would be ONE element of that better life that you can realistically start with right now? What Baby Steps can you take to get from A to B? Focus ONLY on that!!

I hope she will take my advice because it does work.

I am glad my day off helped me remember how this all started and why I need to go back to the basics. My Statement clarifies where I am and where I want to be, my list of Steps and Baby Steps will provide me with the To Do list! I have great support and that is very comforting… but I need to do the work myself and I will do it because I deserve it!! :)




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