Every day brings you opportunities to step forward on your Path to Happiness.

Are you seeing them, using them, opening the doors to wonderful experiences on your Path?

Your Path to Happiness doesn’t come with an itinerary all mapped out. That’s your job and the funny thing is, and I’m sorry if you’re a control freak, you can’t really plan it all ahead of time!! It just doesn’t work that way!

The great thing about the Path though is that with every day comes a number of opportunities; new friendships to develop, new Ideas to discuss, new challenges to learn from, new experiences to help us grow, new information to open more doors…

Each of these opportunities are there for you to see and use. Nobody will hold your hand and tell you to do it. That’s really up to you. As you choose to see and use these opportunities, you then start mapping out your Path, one step at a time.

Are you seeing the opportunities that are offered to you daily? If you aren’t, if things aren’t going the way you want them to, are you being blinded by past experience, by negative emotions or by misguided desires perhaps? Is this something you can write about in your Journal… If you’re not happy on your Path, I highly suggest it!

If you acknowledge seeing them, what opportunities have you come across lately? Did you use them? How did they help you on your Path to Happiness? Would you have used them differently or are you very happy with the turn of events?

I have noticed that when I use an opportunity, another one pops up immediately after. It’s like if I exude this energy saying “Bring them on, I am ready to use them, I will see them and make the best of them. So bring ‘em on!!”

My Path to Happiness has spiced up since I took this attitude! Imagine and envision how your life could be, how exciting your Path can become, if you open all the doors you are offered in your life!

Here’s one opportunity for you today: you have a question, you need support? Ask Carmen! is right there in the menu above!!






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