Energy to move forward

Yesterday’s article came in reaction to some of what I see around me. It saddens me not to be able to help an individual who is so caught up in the past, in regrets, in struggles, in a swamp of stagnant Energy.

It lead me to a whole new path of thought… Energy. How it flows. How it moves things, people, thoughts and emotions. How it can be used on our path.

What if we made Energy our focal point in 2012?

Concentrating on the good, the flowing and the expanding type. Attracting more of the like in other people.

Getting rid of the bad, the toxic, the stale and lifeless. Opening space around us for more positive flows.

How does this idea resonate with you? Do you feel compelled to give it a try? Does it attract you?

I want to spend a bit of time on Energy to examine all the simple ways we can make a positive shift in our life for a better 2012!


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4 Responses to “Energy to move forward”

  1. Love this topic of energy!!! I will use it my classes in the New Year. (Yoga classes) Thanks Carmen

    • Carmen Marie says:

      HI Jeanne, Thank you for the feedback! I think this topic is very relevant to many readers (and your audience) and I believe I will also focus more and more on it. Even though my primary focus has been on Goal setting and achievement, the power of energies that surround us, the way we use them on our path, makes a huge difference on the outcomes! I think your yoga participants will appreciate your input on this!

  2. abbey awaye says:

    Yue babe u hav done again in M̶̲̥̅ﻉ, i ♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡ this article.
    God will continue to strength your wisdom.
    Thanks & stay blessed.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      That is very sweet of you Abbey! I have been discovering the power of Energy, through the Universe, through God, through my own work in my life. I think this topic will help many readers (including myself) to move forward in a more powerful and empowered way! Thank you for your comment and feedback. Please continue to send me your thoughts!

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