Energy Drainer – World news, the economy, politics and Hollywood drama.

A few years back, I made a conscious decision to stop watching the evening news. I will never regret it.

For several years, after supper, I would sit down in front of the TV with my husband, to catch up on information from around the world. He would also watch the news at noon whenever possible and would seldom miss the 11pm news before going to bed. I hated it! I would get depressed from all the negative stories and I would constantly complain about them!

The horrors, crimes, earthquakes, gloomy economic projections, Hollywood drama and all the awful news were all bundled up in a sensationalized script. We would be glued to our TV. So many people still are! I soon realized what a waste of time this was for me, when all it did was drain me of my positivity.

The same type of information was also brought to me through the radio at every commute.  I sometimes even got reviews from colleagues who read the newspaper every morning, which brought about some discussions at coffee break or lunch. I didn’t need to spend extra time collecting all the stories through different media… I had to choose where I wanted to get my information from, if I wanted it.

Today, I select the news I want to read about on the Internet. Most of the relevant world news is brought to my attention through facebook or homepage features. I can then choose what I want to read, when and for how long. I am also picky about the source of information. I like editorials where I can learn about facts and thoughts beyond the main story. What are the causes, what are the possible consequences, what are the different theories, how does it compare to other events, historically or in other parts of the world? The value of the information I get this way counters the negative impact of the news brought by TV broadcasts targeted at the general public.

I also make sure to add a healthy doze of good news in my daily routine. Beautiful images of nature, stories of incredible humanitarian work, of people facing adversity with success, showing creativity in unimaginable ways, overcoming challenges with fascinating leaps, these are the things I want to read about on a regular basis. They inspire me and encourage me to do more of what gets me closer to my purpose. These help increase my Energy Levels.

“The current perception I get from the evening news is that the world is dominated by human failure, crime, catastrophe, corruption, and tragedy. We are all tuning in to see how the human mind is evolving, but the media keeps hammering home the opposite, that the human mind is mired in darkness and folly.” – Deepak Chopra.

Why would I give time and importance to an activity that will drain my Energy Levels…? Do I acknowledge that there is an alternative? How can I add value to the means by which I learn about world events, trends, cultural shifts or simply local stories?


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2 Responses to “Energy Drainer – World news, the economy, politics and Hollywood drama.”

  1. Love this Carmen! I’m trying to cut my eve. news, but its difficult. However, its necessary as it is very depressing and we go to sleep with that. HoRay for this reminder!

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Glad you liked it Jeanne! It made a world of difference for me! Even though I still keep up with world and local news, TV doesn’t wear me down daily with its sensationalism!! Let me know how it works out for you.

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