Energy Drainer – I’ll do that later… Procrastination.

I experimented with this Energy Drainer today.

I can count on one hand the number of time I have put off writing my daily post in the last 365 days.  The delays have also always been for a good reason… I am very serious and committed to my posts after all!

Today, I delayed writing on purpose, with a special idea in mind.

I usually write my article some time before it is published, a day or two prior, normally the night before. I then schedule it to send an email out at 6:15am EST. Sometimes when I am super tired in the evening or if I am too busy with other urgent work, I’ll opt to wake up extra early in the morning instead, to write before the children’s school prep routine starts. Two reasons delay me in publishing my post: I am feeling ill or extremely tired. Otherwise, I don’t procrastinate when it comes to TNHMe.

As an experiment, I decided to see how it feels to put off something just because it requires effort. I procrastinated on purpose.

I set my alarm to wake up at 5am like I sometimes do. I had already started writing about what will now be tomorrow’s Energy Drainer, so I simply had to finish it and send out the email. But I was really tired and not in the mood to get up. Suddenly it dawned on me! What a great opportunity to get additional content for the Energy Drainers series. So I decided to go back to sleep and leave writing for later…

There was a method to my madness. As I procrastinated during the day, I was conscious of how this affected me. That was part of the experiment. Once in a while, during work, while eating and driving, my mind would go back to the fact that I still had to write my article. It kept tugging at me. It wouldn’t leave me alone. It was like a child wrapped around my leg, nagging and whining just to get my attention to go play.

I realized how much delaying my task took a toll on me. It was draining my Energy. I could have finished it in the morning and would not be thinking about it during the day. Yet now I still had to adjust my plans to get it done amongst all the other errands I had scheduled after work. As the hours flew by, the anxiety level rose. I had to make the midnight deadline! I think you get the idea…

Procrastination is a very subtle Energy Drainer. It is real and should be taken seriously. In any kind of project, first taking care of the tasks that require most is the best way to tackle the to do list. The tendency to push it farther or delay it will break down.

Once items on the to do list are checked off, the Energy and Motivation levels go up! So forget the I’ll do it later attitude and just get it done to get it over with!!


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