Emotional Resistance

I’m not sure if I could call it that, or maybe this is a term already used in psychology…
Wait a minute, let me Google it…

Okay, not sure if the technical term exists, but I found a blog by Dr. Botelho, a physician who specializes in resistance, with an article titled:
“Motivation is not enough to change! – Why do we resist healthy habits.”
He refers to Emotional Resistance and defines it as: “the force that drives you to keep your unhealthy habits firmly in place”.

If you are keeping your unhealthy habits firmly in place, you are resisting change.

Even if you know that change would be best for you, even if you are very motivated to change, you may have some hidden emotions that cause that resistance to make the efforts you need to make. Dr. Botelho writes mostly about habits such as smoking or alcoholism, but the same applies for other destructive or simply non-productive habits we may hold on to on our Path, behaviors I have written about this past week and prior…

What may be causing your resistance? Fear of risk, fear of repeating bad experience, anger over a situation, self-blame, guilt, overwhelm perhaps of sadness… Hidden emotions can cause so much damage!

This is where I suggest taking out your Journal. Try this exercise: Write down the change you know you need on your Path, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself the questions “how do I feel about this change?”. Let your hand answer the question by writing whatever comes out. You may be surprised…






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