Eliminating the negatives on our Path to Happiness

I’ve been reading some articles about Happiness. They talk of our awareness of the importance of Happiness in more recent years. Our society, including governments, has become more involved in learning about the values that improve the well-being of humans in general.

Most experts agree, money doesn’t bring Happiness. When the basic needs of an individual and of his/her family are met, the rest is bonus and will not improve the Happiness level. Michael Masterson, multimillionaire marketer, himself said at a seminar that the more money he had, the bigger the house, the bigger the expectations and the bigger the expenses, not to forget, the bigger the problems. Looking back, he should have stayed in the smaller house, in the neighbourhood where he actually knew and spoke with his neighbours!! We would have been much happier!

Learning from our challenges, reaching goals and having a definition of success that values hard work and commitment, on the other hand, seem to hold a very high position as actions to Happiness. That’s what TheNewHappyMe is all about and I’m proud of it! Here’s a quote from Mike Klingler, another successful online marketer. He posted this on facebook on Friday: “If something is difficult, remember that’s the point of it! The more challenging, the more value it brings to you and others. Turn a complaint into a ‘thank you’ for the opportunity. This is what success feels like.” I love the power in those words!

So where did my title come from? Eliminating the negatives on our Path to Happiness.

It comes from TNHMe teaching to forget the myths (money brings Happiness), teaching to turn the hard parts of life into opportunities for growth (our challenges) and beyond that to eliminate all the things that wear us down to allow us to move forward.

There is a whole transformation ahead before you start thinking all positive my friend!! It is SO worth it and you SO deserve it!!



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