Doors open wide when you make the best of things

I may have mentioned it before in previous articles, I am not a fluff Positive Thinking type of person. In fact, I have noticed 99% of my articles, even if they contain some humour, have a very serious tone. That’s because I believe finding Happiness is a lot of work. It is a path to take seriously and to invest in with full knowledge of the potential return.

So basically I don’t write about or suggest any superficial ways of adding happy thoughts to your days. I cringe at the words “Positive Thinking” when I hear or read them in articles or on facebook. Positive thoughts on their own don’t change much. I tend to lean more on the side of Positive Acting, i.e. making the best of things.

So what’s the difference?

You can think about a pink world, but unless you are actually out there cleaning up your cluttered life and chaos, you are seeing your world in technicolor…

You can dream of a better life, but unless you make a plan and stick to it, your dream will never come true.

You may want a nice family life, a meaningful relationship with your spouse and children, but you have to make an effort to spend quality time with them, to communicate and bond with them to make it happen.

You may be worried about your financial situation, but thinking positively that you will win the lottery will likely not bring you much. Instead working on a budget and taking action to increase revenues while envisioning a brighter future will make a big difference.

You can pray for things to change for the better, but unless you help yourself, God will not be able to help you.

Some readers may get upset at this and say Positive Thinking does help. Yes it does. It does when it is coupled with Positive Acting, even if this is with the tiniest of steps. Positive Thinking alone is fluff. When you are being rained on, thinking of the sun won’t help; opening your umbrella will!

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in changing your mindset to Positive Thinking. I have written about Vision Boards, working towards your Life Dream and so on. Positive Thinking will put you in the right frame of mind to be able to act on opportunities to find Happiness, to learn and grow on our Path. I also believe Positive Thinking alone is not enough.

We are given countless opportunities daily. Positive Thinking can allow us to notice them. Positive Acting will allow us to acknowledge their potential and act on them.

So when you make the best of things, when you act positively using the cards you are dealt in your life, instead of only dreaming of what could be, you put yourself in a ready position to pass through doors open wide, welcoming you to the life you dream of.

How is this food for thought for your today? How can you Act Positively on this right now for your Path to Happiness?


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