Don’t dig for gold, sell shovels!

Do you know about the California Gold Rush of the 1800′s? You don’t need to have all the historical facts to realize that of all the men who rushed to find gold in the Wild West, very few actually made it rich. The investment was high, it was based on speculation and this presented a high risk many didn’t pay attention to.  All their eyes could see was the sparkling yellow of gold. If cash registers were invented (only later in 1906) people would have tcha-tching ringing in their ears too!

So here you have thousands of men leaving their lives behind to find gold, going to a land unknown and dangerous, hoping to find nuggets big enough to finally give them a life of luxury and power. Some were lucky, most not. The smarter ones were those who thought economy through… Don’t dig for gold, sell shovels…  

Or better yet build the railways…

Being smart in business is not an over-rated statement these days, particularly since Internet work at home opportunities are so widespread. Taking risk in any financial decision for that matter is to be taken very seriously. We all want to make money fast, but the reality is it takes hard work and a smart plan more than luck, to find the right path to wealth.

In today’s Internet Marketing industry, our inboxes are flooded with a myriad of promotions describing what seem to be incredible concepts and tools, promising riches beyond belief.  We have what looks like the Internet Gold Rush. And people are going for it. I don’t know if I should feel sad or angry at this reality. In business, I certainly don’t want to be the one selling the shovels and encouraging these people to pour their energy, time and labour into empty promises. Many marketers are doing that though. They show their hefty bank account statements as proof of what anyone else can do too with the click of a button!! How ridiculous, how insulting and how unethical!

I rather work on stopping the rush and opening people’s eyes to see the truth behind the Gold Rush. I want to help them take a step back and see their potential in building wealth with pride, getting creative, planning smart and joining forces to make something bigger and better for their community.  The path is so much more rewarding.

I think of a stay at home mom who can open a tutoring business to help other children with homework, instead of clicking for pennies online.

I think of a student who can join forces with friends to create a team of helpers for seniors, taking care of chores for those who live at home (as opposed to those in retirement homes).

What about newly retired individuals offering their time to take care of children on their day off school, to help working parents who would otherwise stress out over this?

These are all viable business ideas…

If you want to do something bigger and better with your life, forget the Gold Rush. Take a moment to see what you are passionate about and think of ideas to help others through a business. This is certainly not a way to make money. It’s all about building wealth, with creativity, hard work, planning and especially pride. Of course, money will follow. Give it a chance by writing your ideas down in your Journal.

Maybe this is my way of building the railways. TheNewHappyMe.


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