Do you have to be a Chilian Miner to appreciate life?

Rule #1 of Learning to be Happy is, as mentioned in a previous post, to appreciate the little (and big) things of life.

Why do we wait to have a heart attack and to be attached to a respirator to value our good health?
Why do we have to fear for the life of a loved one to appreciate the companionship and love of that person?
Do we have to be stuck in a cave miles underground for 69 days to reflect on the value of things we already have?
Is that what will make us see that we probably have many of the ingredients we need to create our own happiness?

Take a moment today to close your eyes and visualize all the little things that have brought you contentment so far today.
A delicious breakfast perhaps, while some children may go to school hungry.
The comfortable trip to work in a car, bus or train, while villagers carry huge water jugs across miles on their shoulders or head.
The place you call your home with a solid structure and roof.
The opportunity to learn and grow through information on the internet.
We live in a free country while elsewhere men are tortured and women are beaten to death for speaking their mind.

We have a lot to be thankful for.

Think of all these amazing things to be thankful for just for the sake of recognizing that you have been given many amazing things to help fulfill your life. This is not by any means a reason to feel guilty for what you have and others don’t. Nor is it for you to feel like you should be sufficiently satisfied for what you have without asking or dreaming for more.  The alternative to being thankful is being burdened by the thoughts of not having what you want. Being thankful is positive, resenting is negative… Which one should you fill your mind with?

Listing the things to be thankful for will therefore keep your mind and self open to more of the same positive thoughts. The alternative as you can imagine, would only create more of what you will end up resenting over time.

So don’t wait a  moment longer.  You don’t need to be miner to change your ways and thoughts.
List your thank yous right now!


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