Do you believe you can reach your goal?

How do you feel when you read the title? Read it again here:

Do you believe you can reach your goal?
Do you REALLY believe you can reach your goal?

Be honest with yourself and use your Journal to answer the question if need be.

Let me add this:

When you think about your goal, do you get excited about the steps moving forward? Do feel how you are advancing towards the accomplishment of your goal? Do you believe that you WILL get there?

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”  ~Henry Ford 

Wouldn’t you rather go with the first?

If you believe you can reach your goal, you can take the required steps, get motivated and move surely towards success.

If you have doubts, if you think you can’t, you set yourself up to stall or give up. The outcome is never good. If this is your case, try to determine why.

  • Do you think you may have set your goal too high? Why is that? Can you restructure your plan to make it more feasible? Can you break down your goal into more manageable milestones?
  • Are there parts of the plan you may need help with? Are you stalling because you don’t believe you can handle one aspect of your project? Can you delegate part of the work and be sure to advance that way?
  • Have your CLEARLY identified your goal so that you can have a very detailed visual of where you are headed? This is primary to believing you can reach it. If your vision is not clear, you may have trouble believing if you don’t even see it… I know that’s what happened to me!!

If you think you can, I know you can! Go for it!



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