Do or Do Not; the Excitement Phase

I got so excited about the Excitement Phase yesterday, that I explained it way too fast. I have a habit of doing that!! Sorry! Let’s take a step back and explain it properly!!  For readers who are joining us on this post, I think the idea will be self-explanatory.

So here I am today, a day after I woke up from my dream about the Do or Do Not Process and the Excitement Phase. I am still eager to create my video to explain the process visually to you, BUT the excitement has slightly gone down over the last 20 hours.

In essence, over time, without any influence from other elements, the level of excitement about my idea will continue going down. I will move from a state of great anticipation to make my idea come to life, towards one of forgetting about it altogether.

If I leave it in this state, my idea will live a slow death.

Time can play against you in the Do or Do Not process. As time goes by, your Excitement level about a project will taper off. Within reason, it is best to act fast on your ideas, at least in the accomplishment of the first step, in order to bring the excitement curve back up, until full completion of the goal.

Yesterday I was incredibly excited about creating my video. As life sometimes gets in the way, I was not able to act fast enough (to my liking at least).

I was nevertheless eager to take steps towards my objective in an effort to keep my excitement level reasonably high. I committed to DO (as opposed to DO Not) by going ahead with explaining my theory through articles.

In summary, I am countering the effect of time on my Excitement level and keeping my idea in the range of the Do (not the Do Not) by taking concrete steps in my goal achievement.

This may sound very complicated, but it really isn’t. It simply involves keeping that initial “high” about an idea that popped in your mind and made you smile. If you could keep that excitement level and make that idea come true, imagine how happy you could be!

This is just the beginning my friend! ;)


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6 Responses to “Do or Do Not; the Excitement Phase”

  1. jeannedowell says:

    I Love Peter Wright said! How True!!!!

  2. jeannedowell says:

    I can relate to you with being excited about doing your video. Thanks for that. My daughter and I have a co. and we are planning to do a Yoga Video as a Mother Daughter team From age to Ageless thru Yoga. I have been putting it off and putting it off for a long time now. I hope I can re energize myself again because we are goo and we make a good team. Thanks. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Jeanne, you have come to the right place!! Your Yoga video is a great idea and there is no reason to put it off any longer!
      Let me now how you get inspired by my theory!!
      BTW, you look wonderful (both of you!!) in! Great job! You should definitely take steps to create that video!!

  3. Peter Wright says:

    A good series of posts on the Do or Do Not Do theory Carmen.

    I think you hit the nail on the head in this post with the point about the excitement level going down unless some action is taken.

    My theory is that many more potentially good ideas fade away through lack of action than those where a Do Not Do decision is consciously taken.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Thanks Peter!
      I am working on completing my theory along with reasons that will accelerate the downwards fall of our excitement level, as well as way to counter the effects of these elements by boosting our energy levels back up and DO.

      Of course, we can decide to DO NOT by choice after trial, but like you mentioned, I also believe that most often, we let ideas die on their own without even giving them a chance.
      Let’s see how my theory works out and how I can summarize it well for my readers!! :)

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