Do or Do Not; Sometimes you have to decide to Not.

On discussing an Idea with one of TheNewHappyMe readers, she brought a new element to be added to the Do or Do Not Process to my attention.

When an Idea is presented to you, when it is discussed, or if it just comes to mind through your search for Happiness, you start with a high level of excitement. Emotions and feedback from friends will come into play and influence your path. Your level of excitement will fluctuate as a result. This is a normal process that, once understood, can be managed to increase your chances of success.

Sometimes, success isn’t necessarily reaching the fruition of your Idea though. As this reader demonstrated to me, in her life, the Idea was a great one, it got her excited, but with proper thought, it was not an Idea that was suited for her lifestyle just now. She decided to revisit the idea later in life because she knew it to have good potential for her.

Going through the initial Do or Do Not Process, from Idea to deciding to postpone its course, you give yourself the chance to face the realities of the Idea and to work them out. These could be your fears to overcome, feedback from friends to sift through, confidence level to boost etc. Instead of letting the Idea drift away with time, giving it some thought and working on it with excitement, allows you to make a decision with better clarity.  This is what our friend did, and I am very proud of her!

Whatever your path, you will have a better chance of success and Happiness in your life if you give your Ideas a chance and you follow your instinct to get excited about it. Whether you decide to Do or Do Not, the process will help you make the right choice. All it takes is a bit of work.

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2 Responses to “Do or Do Not; Sometimes you have to decide to Not.”

  1. i agree! Some of the best decisions for me have wehn I decided to DO NOT.

    Of course, my problem is that I do not say, No, enough times. I need to learn that better! :-)

    Thanks, Carmen!

    Be Well.

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