Do or Do Not; Excitement and the element of time.

When an idea pops in your head, the initial Excitement level is high, very high. – Wow, what a great idea!! I could do this and I could do that! If I DO this, I can DO… so much!


As time flies, minutes, hours, days, you may not feel the same excitement anymore… You slowly slope towards the DO NOT.

Here I am only considering the element of time. There are no other elements acting on your idea, on your project, on your Excitement level or your decision to Do or Do Not.

See how time alone will decrease the chance of your idea coming to fruition.

So, in looking for Happiness, if an idea has the potential of helping me find exactly what I am looking for, it would be wonderful to find a way to make it happen quickly by taking immediate steps to solidify my commitment. From one step to another, my Excitement level can stay high for a while, preventing the time element from wearing it down too fast.

Let’s do the unimaginable! – Let’s bring back time!

Are there any ideas you are letting pass you by? This can be relative to your health, wealth or overall happiness. Is there one that you immediately think of that brought you great joy to come up with, but that you are now less excited about?

Take out your Journal and write about this idea. When did you come up with it? Who were you with? Write about this idea in detail to try to reignite the excitement phase you may have already gone through back then. If this is an idea that brought happiness to you, do you want to bring it back to life? How could it change your life? How excited would you feel about this?

Write, write, write to bring back time! It is never too late to find happiness!


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