Do or Do Not; Down to the Visual Basics!

An idea popped into my head a few days ago, I got very excited about it.

Had I forgotten about it, my excitement level would have tapered off to nothingness and I would have passed on the opportunity offered by the idea.

I had many challenges preventing me from putting my idea into action right away, but I didn’t time lower my excitement level. Even though a few days went by, I kept reminding myself of how my idea could bring me happiness until finally, I put all else aside and I gathered all my energy to work on my project.

My idea was this: I came up with a theory I named The Process of Do or Do Not,  I manipulated it, worked on it to make the basics as complete as I could. I’m now working on the complementary information but the basic theory is ready to share on TheNewHappyMe. 

It is ultimately the way I bring my ideas to fruition. This is how I set and complete my goals.

My idea became a project that proved the theory in itself. So here it is, the completion of my goal… with more to come! :)



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