Discipline keeps me on my path

When we are minded to view Discipline as a “measure”, we forget about the positive effects of including it in our lives.  In fact, Discipline isn’t only about eliminating from or adding something to your routine. It is also about keeping on your path by staying focused on what is right for you.

Through your journey, you will receive information from a multitude of sources. Technology has provided us with the means of getting expert advice on every imaginable topic from authors around the world. We also undoubtedly get advice from friends and family along the way.  In both cases, some may be good, some not, some right for you and some way off. How do you decide?

Discipline is like a filter when you use it to focus on your path. When you receive information, your level of Discipline will allow you to determine whether:

a) this advice is not for you at all, it goes against the direction of your goals,

thumbs up largeb) this may be good advice, but you will have to think about it and possibly adapt it to your reality,

c) this is great advice, you will implement it right away!

I am grateful to be able to use Discipline in this way. On the one hand, it prevents me from getting sucked onto a path that is not meant for me at all and on the other, it opens my eyes to new opportunities for my road to success and happiness.

I think of Discipline as my rock. When the winds on my path try to push me here or there, Discipline is what keeps me grounded… There’s another good word for you!! ;)


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