Discipline: an honorable trait.

I usually don’t consider what I do as so amazing. I blush when I get credit for things I do naturally just because I need to do them, or because I enjoy them. I don’t feel I deserve the praise, and yet I realize I am so wrong in reacting this way!

I receive a lot of positive comments about my determination, my willpower and discipline.  TheNewHappyMe has allowed me to see how valuable these traits really are and how they are not to be taken for granted.

Discipline is seen as an honorable trait in a person, one worthy of mention and respect.  When you demonstrate discipline you also show strength in character. This is not a given. There is some hope; discipline can be learned with some effort.

Don’t try to be a hero from the get go… start small.  Practice discipline by working on smaller goals.

Here are some examples of things you can start with: cut down on sweets for better health or read 5 pages of a non fiction book a day in an effort to learn something new.

Stick to your decision because you know that the outcome is worth it. There is a higher purpose then the initial step. You will be able to move on to bigger endeavors requiring more and more discipline each time.

I also suggest to write in your Journal daily to report on your progress. Take 10 minutes a day to do this and stick to it! Writing daily in your Journal in of itself takes discipline too! Write about how your determination will help you accomplish more and more as you advance in your ability to focus on your goal. This will motivate you to continue even through the most difficult periods.  Write down how proud of yourself you are for your perseverance and how others will appreciate your efforts, even if they are for you.

Can I tell you something?
I’m just the girl next door…
If I can do it, so can you!

Try discipline in the next few days and write to me about it. You will be proud of yourself and I will be proud of you! What a great way to share happiness!


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  1. Talin Orfali says:

    Carmen, you inspire me everyday. Your blogs are so important to me and I hope people read them and learn from them. You are an example of a role model to others. May god bless you and I am so happy to have met you.

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