Discipline: a word misunderstood.

I checked out a few online dictionaries and I hated the definitions they provided.

The only decent one I found was from MSN Encarta:

Discipline – conscious control over lifestyle / mental self-control used in directing or changing behavior, learning something, or training for something.

We often think very negatively of this word given its other definition related to punishment and the obligation to obey rules as children.  Although discipline in work or life endeavours, projects and goal achievements has nothing to do with that connotation, we seem to carry it with us and resist the need to include proper discipline in our plans.

I know that when I set my goal and plan my work to achieve it, as I commit to putting in all the effort and energy that is required to complete my milestones, I also prepare myself to follow through with the plan. This in itself is part of discipline.

The actual plan of action is nothing if I don’t go ahead with doing the work when it is supposed to be done.  It takes discipline to do it.

When I create my plan, I also look at how I can schedule each item in my day, my week, my month.  This prevents from getting side-tracked or from not having enough time for my plan. Sticking to this schedule takes discipline.

Excuses are not acceptable in the realm of discipline when you are striving to reach your goal…

BUT… do I need to write all this? Isn’t this obvious when you are committing to your Life Dream?

If you are passionate about your project, if you know that achieving your Life Dream is the key to your happiness and if you get fulfillment from working on your goals, do you think you will ever find an excuse to keep from having to work at it? I think not!

I know I don’t!  (Ready – Set – Go! and don’t look back!)

I get so excited about TheNewHappyMe, I can work long hours even after a full day at my day job!  I want to work and write all the time! If I didn’t need to sleep, I wouldn’t stop working on my projects! I  don’t get side-tracked. I actually get annoyed when there is a distraction from my work!  Nobody has to motivate me to do it, I jump at the opportunity to work on my posts and videos all the time!

So basically, although discipline is very important in your goal achievement,  it should not even be an issue if you are working on your Life Dream, something that you are very passionate about and committed to…

If it is an issue for you, why do you think this is so? Let me know…


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