Decluttering with Kimberly…

Here we are discussing cleaning up and clearing out all the clutter, excess and toxicity before the New Year to make way for all the things we want. The Holidays offer a great opportunity to take up the challenge.

Click here and watch my friend Kimberly’s video to manage clutter this Holiday season.

As Kimberly explains, we must first be mindful of what we bring in and as you know, I totally agree with her! Once we have collected the clutter in our physical environment, her suggestions are very helpful to get rid of the things we don’t need, starting small as required, working efficiently and even while helping others in need. Use this Holiday season and some of your time off to declutter Kimberly style!


Kimberly Schulte is a yoga instructor. She is passionate about yoga and inspiring her practitioners to “take it off the mat” to incorporate yoga practices into daily life. She looks forward to sharing the gifts of Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga with you through her online yoga videos coming out in 2012. for more info and a free offer!

Kimberley’s vision and message is that yoga can be a beautiful and transformative experience on multiple levels to include physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, meditative, and overall well-being. Join her Facebook Fan Page at to get inspired by her wonderful energy!


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