Deciding to start with the easiest Idea

In Goal Setting and To Do list making courses, experts say that it is best to get rid of the most difficult task first.

I believe that in looking to change your Life for the better, where your are searching for the Ideas or the set of Ideas that will put you on the path to Happiness, where you need to decide on what to start with, sometimes it is best to start with the easiest Idea instead.

I am not suggesting they are wrong, but I see so many people stalled in front of a list of Ideas, overwhelmed or confused. I believe not starting at all is worse than starting small… Don’t you think?

Another benefit to starting with the easiest is the motivation you get from accomplishment. Yes it will be an easy win this time, but the energy you will get from this celebration, will allow you to accomplish much more next time, with the bigger Idea that comes second.

I’ll give you my¬†storyon this: clutter is my nemesis. As organized as I can be in my work and my thoughts, I can build clutter in my house to no end. So when I decide to tackle clutter, I always start with my underwear drawer – the easiest drawer to start with! From then, I can move to socks, tops, pants and closet, then other rooms and boxes…

So is there at least one Idea that you have on your list today that you think you can Decide to tackle by tomorrow? Can you visualize your happiness and pride in the accomplishment of that one Idea, no matter how small it may seem at first? Take that one Idea and paste it in your agenda, on a post it note, or anywhere you will be reminded to do it! Start with the easiest Idea and we’ll move forward together!!


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  1. Great Idea Carmen! I’m starting today with my sock drawer. Thanks so much! Glad you’re feeling better.

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