Damn the F word again!!!

On March 8th, I wrote about FEAR.

Yes THAT was indeed the F word! Damn it… I hear about it so much and I live it myself!
Fear. What power it has over us!!

My intention back then was to have my readers consider breaking down their goals to consequently break down the Fear. Milestones, Steps and Baby Steps make it easier to tackle challenges and help melt away the Fear. This is what I do myself and it works.

Even though I still have my moments where I get overwhelmed and I let Fear creep back into my thoughts, I still hold to my suggestion that this does work. In theory, I say nothing should stop you when you take your Journey one step at a time.

Then I get an email with this comment: “just because I signed a contract made the whole process scarier, more real.”

First, I want to thank my reader. It takes courage to write that!!

This lovely person who is working so hard to make changes in her life is talking about the HappyGuide I offer to all my readers starting on their Journey. At the beginning of the series of eBooks, there is a contract. It is basically your Commitment that you will indeed work on finding your Path to Happiness. The contract is with yourself, not with me. There are even clauses that say mistakes are accepted. So basically the contract is quite friendly… BUT the reader’s reality check isn’t!

The statement helped me realize how difficult it is sometimes to take action, even if you really want to make changes in your life. It brought the topic of Fear back to my attention as it is indeed one of the major reasons why we sometimes cannot take that leap from Idea to Decision, or from Decision to Commitment and ACTION. Fear causes paralysis.

Even though the contract itself is friendly. the serious nature of what is expected through the contract, i.e. taking Action for Happiness, brings out hidden Fears:

  • Fear of obstacles and how to handle them
  • Fear of success and the unfamiliar life it will bring
  • Fear of the unknown, of what may or may not come next once the first step is taken
  • Fear of failure and of possible mistakes along the way
  • Fear of the immensity of a Project
  • Fear of comments or disapproval from friends, and so on….

Will it make you feel better if I told you that I experience every one of those Fears? Yes I do.

TheNewHappyMe started with an Idea and it is still growing. My Ultimate goal is still farther ahead and looks overwhelming. I tackled the Fears so far and I continue to fight them daily! So can you!

Some say I take the bull by the horns, but I believe the image is much too scary to be the right metaphor. I rather say I am not scared of tasting a new flavor… Baby Steps make the Fear melt away… Think about it.

I’ll help you through this… one post at a time, one step at a time.

Don’t do anything today but feel Gratitude for being on the right Path to Happiness. Let the Fears melt away… Feel that Inner Smile!





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  1. Nanci-jean says:

    Great article Carmen!!! I will save it and read every time I need encouragement :)

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