Criticism on my path; Integrity and my Life Dream.

While on my path to live my Life Dream, I obviously get feedback and comments. Some are supportive, some not. Some very positive, some not.

What do I listen to and when do I put on my ear plugs?

Whether the input from the other person is positive or negative, you have to consider how it is being offered and how you are going to accept it. I believe your Integrity has a huge role to play in this equation.

How is the input being offered?
Positive or negative, the way criticism is offered will make a difference on how you will react.

Obviously, it takes some experience and maturity to be able to accept positive criticism, but when you understand that it is being offered in good faith for the betterment of your project, it becomes easier to listen to and digest. With Integrity, you take an honest look at your path and the given feedback. You then decide if a change is required. You will do what fits your path, your values, your needs and desires. You appreciate your friend’s honesty and you move on.

On the other hand, you can have tremendously positive feedback from individuals who prefer not to give you their honest opinion. It gets tricky when you hear what you want to hear, even though you know deep down that it can’t be true. Envy or competition are possibly high on the list of reasons why someone would offer such feedback to you. It is fake and you will feel it at some level. See the red flag for what it is… It goes against the principle of Integrity.

How do you accept it?
With Integrity, you learn to discriminate between what is good for your path and what is not. Being fair, ethical and honest, to yourself and to others, may not be the road with the least bumps, but it will guide you to your Life Dream.

With whatever type of criticism or feedback you may get, you will have to decide what you accept and what you don’t. It takes knowing yourself and being completely truthful to yourself to make the right choices. It helps to surround yourself with people of Integrity too, to provide you with incredible support on your path.

Know this: when you accept feedback that doesn’t follow your principles, when you make a decision that goes against your grain, your body and mind react. You have created conflict. You won’t feel well. Symptoms like headaches, indigestion, insomnia will be telling you something is wrong. Think of it this way, your body and mind are overloaded with the fight between what is right and what is not; your brain is upset, it can’t rest, your stomach won’t digest this situation…

So when you get comments, feedback or criticism, positive or negative, take a quick step back and see if the input is true to your path, if it will motivate you to do more, if it invites you to adjust and make better, or if it is uncalled for and if you should distance yourself from the person offering it to you. The keyphrase is “true to your path” and the underlying element is Integrity.


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