Creating Your Vision Board for the New Year

Every year, right around New Year’s Day, I sit down with my kids on the floor or at a big table with this list of supplies:

  • bristle boards
  • scissors
  • markers
  • scotch tape
  • glue
  • magazines and retail fliers
  • access to a computer/printer to print images and words (optional)

This is a very important annual project for my family. My children request it. We create what we call our Mandala for the coming year. It is also referred to as the Vision Board or Board of Intentions.

What is the Vision Board?
It is a board that visually describes your wish list for the year. Here is my 2010 Mandala.

Carmen's Mandala 2010

As you can see, it has images and words to describe what I want to achieve in the year. I like to use feng shui grids to categorize or organize my thoughts;  top left is related to money, top right is love and romance, bottom left is knowledge, bottom middle is career. I also always include a nice image of a window in my Mandala, as I like to remind myself of the windows of opportunities that will arise for me to look for and open.

Once you have created your Vision Board, you have to place it where you will see it frequently and regularly. I see mine as soon as I get out of my bed; it is posted on my wall. I also took a photo of it and made it my desktop image. The constant visual reminder of what I decided I wanted to achieve this year helps me focus on these goals. It is a constant reminder of your next steps, from setting your objectives to taking care of the individual tasks at hand.

Taking the time to do this exercise during your days off (end of December or beginning January Holiday Season) is a great way to start the year, every year. As you get used to doing your Vision Board, you start putting more thought to it, preparing for it and even getting others involved!  When my children prepare their boards, they each take turn to present them to the family. They are proud of their creation and want to share their thoughts on goals for the year. Vision Boards and Mandalas are very unique. Age, personality, life stage and goals will give each Vision Board its originality. Each person, very young or much older, will take pleasure in working on it and will learn something from the experience.

This year, I will create my 10th annual Mandala. I am proud to say that I have always been happy with the end-of-year results when I look back at my board. I achieve a lot of what’s on there and I get excited for the next one! Before my last move, I revisited previous Vision Boards I had kept behind my bed… Boy was I shocked at how far I’ve come and needless to say I felt beyond proud of my accomplishments.

I am looking forward to my Mandala 2011 making session with my kids tomorrow!  Why don’t you try it too!


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