Creating my statement; where I am Today and where I want to be Tomorrow.

The exercises that invite you to take a good look at yourself in the Mirror have a pretty important objective: to figure out where you stand today.

Those that get you to analyze your past, experiences that may have brought you Happiness or not, have another objective: to figure out where you want to be Tomorrow.

On your path to Happiness, these two elements are the start to your Journey. They are point A, where you will start, and point B, your destination.

Point A and point B are not static. They will be different in 5 years from now if you were to compare. Of course, my points A and B are different then yours too!

This first discovery of points A and B is primary because you need to have a starting point and a goal. However, the Journey itself from A to B is even more important than the start and finish points themsleves. Since these two can change at any time anyway, what you do in between, all those experiences that will make up who you are, is the essence of your path to Happiness.

So take out your Journal and make your statement now. Date it for future reference too! (It’s always fun to go back and see the developments) Where are you today, what is point A, and where is point B, the “place” you want to be to find Happiness?

I can tell you right now that by creating your statement, you will have done more for self-improvement than a majority of people out there looking for Happiness!


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