Connecting Awakenings to a Worry-Free NewHappyYou

I believe there are many concepts within the frame of Awakenings that can teach us how to find a better, happier, healthier and wealthier you. One of these is waking up to a Worry-Free lifestyle.

Isn’t this a lovely concept? To be Worry-Free… Wouldn’t that be great? Sounds like a dream… but it doesn’t have to be only a dream. There is a way to get past worries into an almost completely worry-free way of life. The solution believe it or not is LOVE.

LOVE FOR YOURSELF: When you love yourself to the point where you trust yourself fully, where you believe in yourself and your abilities, where you have the capability of accepting what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you are good at and not so good at, where you can contribute your talents and where you can identify your limits, THAT is where you know with 100% certainty that your image of yourself is true. There is no room to be fooling yourself. You know who you are and you love yourself this way.

How does this translate to worry-free?
When you take steps forward within this frame Awakening, you move with confidence about your level of competence. You do not lie about what you can or cannot do, you are not dishonest, your love brings you into a level of emotional and spiritual consciousness that helps you express yourself the best way love can. Now how can there be any room in this scenario for worrying about what people will think about your thoughts, words or actions? How can you worry about failing when you move with confidence?


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