Commitment is like opening the door.

You can make decisions, hundreds of them, without ever taking steps to respect them. Resolutions are a perfect example! Resolutions have the reputation of becoming empty promises to yourself. They may never amount to anything more than frustration at not having been able to move ahead with the plans.  So where is the problem? What causes us to go back on our promise to ourselves?

I imagine making a decision to be like using a key to unlock a door. Choosing the key is identifying a solution to a problem I want to solve, or an option to an aspect of my life I want to change.

When I make a decision, I use the key to unlock the door. Even if I unlock it though, the door will remain closed until I actually open it. I can lock and unlock as many times as I want, there is still no commitment to pulling or pushing the door open.  The door is still closed. Although I used my key and I made my decision, I have not implemented my solution or option to make an actual change in my life. I have made no effort yet. I have not yet committed.

So what is this commitment? Why is it so important?

After I have identified a possible solution and I am ready to make the decision to implement it, I have to really understand what is required for the achievement of my goal.

What does my decision really entail? How much will I be expecting of myself? Am I ready for that? Will I need help or support?

As I clarify these points, I accept all of what will be required of me.  I can now use the key to open the door. I make the extra effort to push or pull the door open; that is commitment.  I open the door.

As I have now accepted to go through with my decision, I have understood what I will be expecting of myself, and I have committed to my plan, I now face the open door. I must take my first step through the threshold.  I may not know what lies ahead, but I know I have a plan and a path to follow. The door is now open, showing me the way.

My commitment will push me to find the energy, the strength, courage, faith and creativity to continue what I started by walking through that door. I have made a promise to myself in full knowledge of the work that is required of me until I reach my goal. Now I can walk the walk to live my Life Dream!


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