Commitment equals lots of time and energy for your Life Dream

When you commit to something, especially to achieving a goal such as your Life Dream, you understand and accept that you will have to work at completing the steps required for it.

Things don’t just get done on their own. They don’t fall from the sky and nobody will bring a silver platter to serve the goal to you! You HAVE to work at it and that involves a lot of time and energy. If you want to achieve your Life Dream, there is no other option!

Are you ready to plunge into making your Life Dream come true?

I have been working a lot of hours and putting a lot of energy into TheNewHappyMe and it has been great! It doesn’t have to be torture! If you give it a chance, you will see quickly how it is worth your efforts. Here are some hints that will help you:

  • When you are working on achieving your Life Dream, you are striving for something your heart truly desires. It becomes your passion. You end up enjoying every minute you spend on achieving your milestones. You forget time altogether. You often make time for more work too. When you love what you’re doing, you don’t realize how much time and energy you are devoting to your work. Work becomes fun and time flies!
  • At the beginning, you will want to schedule yourself to make sure you devote a minimum amount of time for your goal achievement. A couple of hours a day is not unreasonable. Establishing a routine makes it easy for you to go back to your work regularly, putting in the necessary amount of time to accomplish your tasks. Everyone around you will understand your new routine and accept it. Soon, the routine will become part of you and you won’t need to schedule it anymore. Further, you will need to stop yourself from putting in too much time! After all, you have to make sure to keep your life balance for your family and yourself.
  • There will be some activities you will need to sacrifice in order to make time for your goal achievement. Extras such as watching TV or playing on the Internet are the easiest activities to ditch to make time for more productive work time. The first thing I let go of was the news… There may be other activities in your life that you know are not productive at all. Think of replacing them by scheduling goal related tasks.  Just one hour a day is 7 hours a week and a minimum of 364 hours a year! Imagine all the things you could do with those extra hours!
  • Putting in the most of your work during the times when you have least interruptions, is the best way to get a lot done within a short period. I like working while my children are at their father’s on weekends. Some gurus recommend working on your goals before business hours. This way your personal tasks are completed before the day even starts for everyone else. This would not work for me with my schedule getting two kids ready for school, but it may work for you. My time is 8-10pm daily, when my kids are getting ready to bed or already asleep… Makes for quiet time for me!
  • It is important to ask for support when you’re stalled on a project. Wasting time trying to figure out specialized stuff is not wise. Instead, asking for help and outsourcing some of the work will allow you to get things done faster.  Even though I’ve been doing great with the tech part of this website, I need help with packaging my upcoming video series and setting up a shopping cart. I’ll be outsourcing that to someone who will be able to do it 10 times faster than me. It just makes more sense to put my time on the things I do best.

These are just some hints to alleviate the thought of putting in so much time and effort in completing your goal and achieving your Life Dream. It is all worth it after all and you deserve the work you will invest in your success!

It has truly become an adventure to me and I am sure, if you are following the right path for you, with all your heart set on achieving your Life Dream, your commitment will become a breeze. Putting the time and energy required into your goal completion will become second nature and will produce such encouraging results within you, it will keep refueling you to march forth on your path! Commitment isn’t scary. It’s powerful!






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