Coach, I need to talk to you.

My coach has been on vacation for a few weeks. She needed a break and she took one… I think I should learn from her!!

But now I feel I need to speak with her. I’m going through withdrawal…!! There are so many things running through my mind and speaking with her, answering her questions, help me get more clarity.

Having been to my special place on Monday, helped me clear my mind and ground myself. Ever since I started my meetings with her, I have gotten much better at asking myself the right questions, looking for the answers at the right places and finding the solutions myself. So I know I am on the right track… Nonetheless, her presence alone makes a difference. I miss discussing my next steps with her.

She is a woman who has gone through major changes in her life with success, after months of reflection, facing fears of the unknown, calculation of risk and so forth. I learn a lot from her experience. Knowing that she has come through with flying colors inspires me to do the same.

Millionaires, experts and successful people in general, usually recommend the use of a coach or mentor for the Path to Success. Needing or asking for the support of a coach is not for the weak; on the contrary, it is for those who face their Path with courage, who are ready to face the challenge!

Have you thought of speaking with someone who can support you through your Path? If you are starting or expanding a business, have you thought of finding a coach or mentor to help you on your next steps? What are your thoughts on getting this type of support?




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