Cleaning up before the New Year – Decision to stay clear of bad energies.

During the Holidays, we get out of our routine and we may tend to go astray. Let’s start now to get ready for the New Year by staying clear of bad energies, at least in those areas where we have been able to be disciplined already.

I think of drinking and smoking. If you haven’t been caught with excessive drinking or if you haven’t smoked or taken drugs during the year, is there any good reason to do it now during the Holidays? How is straying now going to make your life any better? Or do you think you will remain completely unchanged if you do? Instead, imagine how it will affect you in a negative way, short or long term… and stay away from these bad energies for a good clean start to the New Year.

I think of eating all the wrong things, thinking that you will be able to start on your diet on January 1st. How is that going to help you? You will only start on your goal two steps further back than you initially anticipated! Get ready for the New Year by leading yourself with good example. Eat reasonably and you won’t need to unbutton your pants at each dinnertime! Eat well and you will have less to clear out in the New Year!

I think of hanging out with “friends” you know are not the best energy to be around. Some readers may want to party during the Holidays, which is totally fine, as long as you know how to protect your energy. You may find friends on the Internet or reconnect with old acquaintances. This may be a lot of fun, or it may turn into a bad roller coaster ride. When you sense red flags waving at you, realize that these are valid year-round, not only during the Holidays. In an effort to stay clear of bad energies and energy drainers, you must stay away from people you know will end up hurting you.

These are just a few of the Holiday tips to help you stay clear of bad energies during this special season. Find moments of love and peace to fill your heart instead and get a head start on a successful New Year!




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