Cleaning out the old, before implementing the new!

Before you start working on anything new, it is always a good idea to start by cleaning up and clearing out to make room for the new. I take today to write about this, because it will be an important step to consider prior to working on New Year’s Resolutions!

An image comes to mind and I think it will explain my point very well.
Recently, I had TNHMe logo put on my car. It is a beautiful colorful sticker. It takes meticulous care to place it on the surface of the car. Before I went to see my friend who made it for me, he told me to pass by the car wash close by his house. And I did. When I got to his place, he took out a bottle of rubbing alcohol and paper towel and wiped the area of application clean. The towel came out dirty still, even after the car wash! Now the surface was ready to receive the sticker. This way the logo will stick a hundred times better!

Here’s my point: Before you start thinking of new changes in your life, consider cleaning out the old for a more efficient implementation of the new.

  • Are you thinking of a fitness plan? Go through the old first: treadmill or stationary bike you use more like a clothes rack than exercise equipment, junk food in your kitchen cupboards… What will you keep, what will you get rid of? What changes will make room for the new plan you want for yourself?
  • Are you looking for a loving relationship? Who are your current friends? What are your habits? Would you need to clean up in this area before you consider putting a new plan into action?
  • I know I want to dive head first into my business so I really need to organize myself to make way for the new me. My business will require a certain set-up and a clutter free environment, both for my mind and my physical space. This is where my clean-up and clear out will focus!

These are just some examples of how you may need to clean up and clear out before you start with the new. 2012 is just around the corner… Will you put together a clean up and clear out plan that will work for you in preparation for your New Year goals?

If clutter is going to be your clean-up focus like me, stay tuned for Kimberly’s expert advice tomorrow!


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